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Hello everyone! 👋
Just wanted to inform you that we pushed a new Botiga update - version 1.0.6 🤩

Here are just a few changes 🔥
Added: New option to hide/show the cart and checkout coupon form
Fixed: Huge font size when shop catalog is set to show products and categories
Fixed: Mobile single product page gallery layout with arrows issue
-- And more.

⚙️ You can find the entire change-log here -  https://athemes.com/changelog/botiga/
Hey fellows 🙌
If you missed our recent major Sydney & Sydney Pro updates, here you go. This update will bring a plethora of customization options to your blog archive, single post, buttons, and much more 🔥

⚙️ Sydney Changelog: https://athemes.com/changelog/sydney/
⚙️ Sydney Pro Changelog: https://athemes.com/changelog/sydney-pro/
In case you have any issues with this update, feel free to contact the support team and we will assist you ASAP.
Thank you very much for all your help and support!
We released a new version that brings some improvements and bug fixes.

⚙️ Changelog - https://athemes.com/changelog/botiga/

Have a nice and productive day 😉
Hello everyone 👋
We have some good news for you 😎
There is a new update for Sydney free and pro 🥳

Here are some key points of this update:
- New: Options to fully configure and style scroll to top button
- New: Revamped panel for Footer widgets and Copyright area
- Updated: Font Awesome to v5 for Site Origin Page Builder
- Improved: Options migrate script
- and more...

🛠 See the entire changelog here -
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Hello everyone! 👋
Just wanted to inform you that we pushed a new update - version 1.0.3 🤩

Here are just a few changes 🔥
NEW: An option to toggle the display of cross-selling products on the cart page.
NEW: Product quantity input with increase and decrease buttons.
NEW: Option to align blog author box. Now you can align the author box to the right, left, or center.
FIX: Header layout 3 issue.


In case you have any issues with this update, feel free to post in our support forum and we will assist you ASAP.

🛠 You can find the entire changelog here -  https://athemes.com/changelog/botiga/
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Have you been planning to start your podcast show? Or do you already have one? Whatever your answer is, with our new Sydney Pro starter, we have got you covered. Meet Podcast, a beautifully crafted starter for podcasters. All elements are highly flexible, they can be easily adjusted to match your unique requirement. We have also released a new update for both Sydney and Sydney Pro!

Live demo - https://demo.athemes.com/podcast/
Get Sydney Pro: https://athemes.com/theme/sydney-pro/

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Hey Everyone 👋
You have now more control over your dynamic data. Add and display custom post types, custom fields, templates, searches, forms, maps, access control, and much more.

Head over to this blog post to learn more - https://athemes.com/news/sydney-pro-2-1-3-release/

Build an advanced and custom site like directory, membership, or real estate just by using Gutenberg Editor, Sydney Pro, and Toolset - without a page builder and any other third-party plugins.
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🧑‍🌾 Meet Gardening - Our New Starter Site for Sydney Pro

This starter site can be imported and customized with Elementor. Use it as is, or give it your own special touch! 🥕
Live demo - https://demo.athemes.com/gardening/
Feedback is much appreciated.

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